AME Gallery is coming to In bed With Designers Singapore


“We believe jewellery is beyond being the decorative element on our body. It is an extension of the creator and wearer’s  expressions and feelings”

Anna Cheng for AME GALLERY

AME GALLERY Hong Kong introduces contemporary fine jewellery, created by jewellery artists from all corners of the world; curated by the gallery owner, Anna Cheng.

AME offers artistic creations of highly skilled jewellery artists and designers. Their masterpieces are handcrafted using precious materials such as gold, platinum, diamond, and high quality gemstones. The jewellery reflects the unique style and personality of each artist. They are the creation of the artists’ heart and soul.

“AME” came from the Latin word for love and soul. The name is a perfect example of the curator’s feelings towards exquisite jewellery and how jewellery can stimulate one’s emotions. Every fine piece of jewellery featured in the Gallery is like wearable art. The Gallery works with a diverse range of local and international artists who use different approaches to present contemporary jewellery as a new form of art.

AME GALLERY features contemporary jewellery designers who are exclusive in Asia. All artists share a common vision to deliver the finest and most unique designs.
We feature the following designers in Singapore.
 Antonio Bernardo (Brazil)
 Emanuela Duca (USA)
 Karolina Bik (Poland)
 Gemma López (Spain)
 Heng Lee (Taiwan)  Atelier Luz (Netherlands)
 Cardillac (Netherlands)
 Frikkia (Spain)
 Huffy Jewels (Greece)
 Marcin Tymiński (Poland)

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