Belltastudio introduces the Kraft paper bag to In bed With Designers Taipei

We are welcoming Pennapa Shotlersuk, the curator of the Belltastudio (Kraft paper bag) brand, to In bed With Designers Taipei. Pennapa will be bringing her signature Kraft paper bags to VVG in Taipei for the third edition of our boutique designer sleepover from October 8 – 12. We caught up with the Thai designer to find out more about her design outlook and why she’s looking forward to the event.

© Pennapa Shotlersuk - buymedesign
© Pennapa Shotlersuk – buymedesign

Why are you participating in this year’s In bed With Designers? In your opinion, what sets this event apart?

This October in Taipei will be the first time I attend an In bed With Designers event. I believe that the VVG hotel is a very beautiful location and that Taiwanese people have a great interest in fashion, so I personally believe they will love my bags. I think that the event will be a good opportunity for designs and designers to integrate within one space; buyMeDesign support designers and products and will make this event very successful.

I have designded ‘Bed & Pillow Wind’ exclusively for the In bed With Designers event; a collaboration with buyMeDesign. I am excited to showcase this new product at the event but it is still in its prototype stage. You have to come down to find out what it is!

What makes your designs different and unique?

‘Paper bag’ is different to others because it is made from special Kraft paper material. Usually we find bags that are easy to tear, get wet, and get thrown out after a while; but the unique qualities of the ‘Paper bag’ is that it is tear resistant, waterproof and lightweight.

Today, many people don’t want to lug heavy bags around which will change people’s awareness towards using special lightweight material as opposed to regular materials.

However, both the special material of the bag and its function will attract people into using this bag as a useful and fashionable part of their daily lives.

© Belltastudio - buymedesign
© Belltastudio – buymedesign

Why did you choose the path of ‘lifestyle product’ design as opposed to other forms of design?

Lifestyle product design implies multi-functional products that people can use in everyday life.

I think lifestyle products carry a story, about their origins and the designers, and can enhance people’s lives.

An example of this is the BT Paper Bag: it is very lightweight so people will be relieved that they don’t have to carry a heavy bag over their shoulders and it includes a new special material which differs from regular fabric or leather materials.

Could you explain the eco-friendly features of your paper bag collection for our readers?

For me, eco-friendliness in design means to use and reuse, not just the recycled materials used to make a product.

One object can used and reused for a long time afterward; and at the very end of the line, can be recycled to make another object.

Regarding my paper bag collection, the bags are able to be reused again and again.

© Belltastudio - buymedesign
© Belltastudio – buymedesign

What influenced your transition from crafts design to lifestyle product design?

I wanted people to be able to use my products more. I do believe that crafts design is unique and exclusive because of its handmade quality, but lifestyle products are more functional and useful in everyday life.

How important is eco-friendly design to you?

I want see people using and reusing my bags; my bag designs are multi-functional and simple so people can enjoy them on a day-to-day basis. So for me, eco-friendliness is important for the design of my bags because people can keep using them every day without worrying about eventual wear and tear.

© Belltastudio - buymedesign
© Belltastudio – buymedesign

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