Candle Design by BeCandle | Lighting up In bed With Designers

At BeCandle, candles are used as the medium of creation to demonstrate the art of living and through experimenting and personalizing candle experiences it provides a contemporary touch to a living environment. They believe “lighting a candle is not just a joy for the senses but is a connection between people, space and time.” We caught up with BeCandle ahead of In bed With Designers to find out more about candle design.

Why are you participating in this event, In bed with Designers? In your eyes, what sets this event apart?

BeCandle is participating in In Bed with Designers because we think that it will be an interesting platform to meet the public who’s interested in design, the media and other designers. I can imagine from the Title of the event, this event is unlike most design fair, which are located in the regular fair ground, but in a cool chilling atmosphere. Visitors can view the designs and artwork and interact with the creators in the mood of going to a party.

© BeCandle – buymedesign

What is your point of difference as a design studio?

BeCandle is a candle craft studio formed us 2 product designers, Xavier Tsang and Gary Hui. I think our nature of work is our point of different as a design studio, our candle creation is something in between handicraft and conceptual design, which makes them fun yet contextual. We work with some candle artisans, besides creating some interesting candle craft like the DimSum series and poetic Lost in Time series. We also explore about culture through some experimental works like the Way of the Candle.

What inspired you to start working on candles?

When I was young I started making candle designs because of interest, while my parents used to collect a lot of candles from travelling. During the years I lived in Italy, I have visited a very small candle workshop near my home, from where I have learnt some real techniques and materials. After I founded my design studio Atelier Poesia, I started to make candle crafts to exhibit in some design fairs, like the ICFF New York and Tokyo Designers Week.

© BeCandle – buymedesign

What inspires your candle designs? How did you come up with the idea for the dim sum candles?

Every little thing in life that interests me inspires my candle designs. The beauty of disappearing objects inspired the “Lost in time”, the fallen flowers inspired the “Flower” installation, tea ceremony inspired the “Way of the Candle.” For the DIM SUM, it was interesting, as I always go to a local dim sum shop in Shum Shui Po, and my favorite one is Cheung Fan. When I was watching the SiFu making it, I found that the way to manipulate the material is quite the same as what I can do with wax. Then right after I went back to studio, I switched on the boilers and made the perfect replica of the Cheung Fan and become the first piece of the DIM SUM series. Then came the Siu Mai, Fan Guo and Siu Long Bao.

Is humour in design important to you?

Humor is an element of our work. While I believe in balance, to design and to life. Hong Kong people and the local design scene is too intense, I just want to share some moment of harmony and humor through our works to get people relax.

© BeCandle – buymedesign

If you want to know more about BeCandle and their products, projects, and creations, as well as other designs and designers, come down to In bed With Designers at VVG Taipei from the 8-12 October.  In bed With Designers is Asia’s first boutique designer sleepover connecting emerging visionary designers with passionate design lovers, media, and industry professionals and buyers in a relaxed and multi-sensory business and networking platform.

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