Coucher Avec Moi? Creative Home Online celebrates In bed With Designers

Creative Home Online, a design publication featuring the latest in interior design trends and based in Malaysia has featured In bed With Designers. Have a read of the article below and find out more about In bed With Designers or check out our dedicated website, If you feel like you missed out, do no fret. The next edition of the unique design event is coming to Taipei on October 8 – 12.

creative home online celebrates in bed with designers

© Creative Home – buymedesign

At In Bed With Designers, 46 rooms were transformed into beautifully curated caves of innovations and creations. The boutique pop-up designer sleepover organised by buyMeDesign made a 360° change to Mini Hotel into a unique multi-sensory networking event with design-lovers, industry professionals and media from all over the world.

It was immediately recognized at the main entrance of Mini Hotel, Central Hong Kong upon arrival. In Bed With Designers : French Kiss made a grand wave of buzz with clever use of words and catchy taglines. The event garnered a remarkable response from friends of the media as well as talented designers from 15 different countries. The event was not just a display of materialised ideas but also a unique opportunity for everyone to seek out and discover new designs from local and international designers in Hong Kong. Plus, guests were given full access to meet, chat and even get into bed with these designers throughout the span of 3 days.

In bed with designers returns for a weekend of design filled frolics

© Zhang Lei – buymedesign

“It gives a very private and special atmosphere while joining us; the hotel, the designer, the curator, the user – all a little bit closer. It makes us all part of one design family,” Jovana Bogdanovic from Pinwu Design Studio in Hangzhou shared.

You may wonder how it works; here’s how. Each designer was allocated a room within the 3 designated floors. The designers then would display their products in the perimeter of the room based on their own creativity; improvising on the unconventional exhibition display methods. Thus, every room carried its own character, charm and soul. An interesting mix of products exhibited made the walk from room to room even more exciting and surprising. From cutesy kids’ lighting to custom-made jewelleries, quirky furniture pieces to funky sunglasses, these proud designers explained enthusiastically the design process to the minutest detail of their masterpiece.

In bed with designers returns for a weekend of design filled frolics

© Zhang Lei – buymedesign

And sharing the same sentiment, winner of Spot Design Award 2014 Malin Ohlsson shared,” This is a great opportunity for people to come close to the designers, not only to be able to see more unique designs but also to get to know the stories behind them.”

In Bed With Designers is premiering in Taipei from 8th to 12th October 2014. VVG’s Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of Taipei city will be transformed by our carefully curated local and international rising design talents. Also stay tuned as they are heading South to Singapore and Sydney, Australia in 2015!

*Coucher avec moi means ‘lay down with me’ in French

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