Dienastie brings their sunglasses to bed

Jesper Lindquest for Dienastie


Jesper Lindquest for Dienastie from Sweden

“Don’t be afraid to live life”

Jesper Lindquist first came to Asia 11 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. Since then he has lived in China and Hong Kong. Karl Twelve was created out of pure enthusiasm and
creativity. Just as you judge the weight of something beautiful in your hand and explore the subtle yet bold handcrafted details, you’ll soon understand what his brand Karl Twelve is all about.

Like every Dienastie, there lay great people who set forth to make a lasting impression on the world. We decided we wanted to turn the sunglasses world upside-down and change the way people view sunglasses – to span sub-cultures and markets.  Our frames are meant to stand out from the ordinary and designed to represent those that live life fast and hard.

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