Foxcat and their NI Parasol at In bed With Designers Singapore


“Things mean more than you think at Foxcat”

Terry Chow for Foxcat
Terry Chow was born in Hong Kong and does not have a design background.  His brand FOXCAT produced minimalist, simple to use, luxury items. Their vision is to balance the design idea, sustainability, and function of a product.

Ni Parasol
“NI”, is a brand new and innovative garden parasol tailored for the luxury class, suitable for both day and night time use. During the day, it will keep you cool and under the shade. Then at night, the NI transforms into a beautiful lighting torch for your garden while you entertain your guests.

NI is user-friendly and easy to use. The OTD (One-touch dimmer system) is a proprietary-designed finger-sensing touch panel that allows you to control the light, making it extremely easy to dim and brighten the 3-channel lighting system. The 3-channel control system consists of two channels of downward light ribs and one channel of upward light ribs, all controlled separately. NI uses a low voltage 12V LED output driver to power a system of over 2000 0.1W LEDs but generating very little heat. When the NI is closed, it system can be kept ON acting as a beautiful light torch for the garden. NI is a one of a kind parasol system that will set the trend in the market for years to come.

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