Inventors of Ostrich Pillow Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian

The Ostrich Pillow was the great idea of two friends from uni, Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian. Together they founded Studio Banana and Studio Banana THINGS, a window for all their innovation creations.

© Studio Banana THINGS, Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian -

© Studio Banana THINGS, Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian – Could you describe yourself briefly and tell us what is your background?
Key and Ali: We met at university in London and became close friends and subsequently business partners. [We have a background in] architecture and we run a successful studio based in Madrid, Spain. What pushed you to found Studio Banana, your multidisciplinary creative platform?
Key and Ali: We observed a gap in the market and visualized a forum/platform where like-minded people with different strengths would come together with a similar vision and end goal. Making the journey from impossible to possible a reality.

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow -

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow – Can you tell our readers what stands behind the company brand name “Studio Banana”?
Key and Ali: Studio Banana our business is based on a road called Platano, which means banana in Spanish. The studio part is self-explanatory, it is worth adding that it is a great ice breaker when we order a delivery for the team at studio. The delivery guy always is rather reluctant to deliver, thinking that Studio Banana, Banana road is going to be a joke!!! What guided you into designing the Ostrich Pillow?
Key and Ali: We observed that subsequent to the invention of the light bulb people are sleeping less and less. We are all stimulated by a multitude of types of technology and are on the treadmill of life. This is where the Ostrich Pillow comes to life, facilitating mobile napping whilst delivering comfort and privacy and without compromising style. How did you go from this idea to its concrete realization?
Key and Ali: Our business mission is to make the impossible possible, a little bit of magic, hard work and the support from the kickstarters turned our dream into reality.

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow -

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow – In general what do you find is most challenging in the creative process?
Key and Ali: Designers and commercial people don’t always speak the same language, [so communicating] can be a challenge, but nevertheless a fun aspect of the overall project. It is a case of left hand right hand. You need both to make things work in harmony. TV, press, public support… The Ostrich Pillow is a massive hit. Did you expect such enthusiasm for your product? What were the first reactions when you brought the project in front of a public?
Key and Ali: We have been overwhelmed with the positive response and delighted to be able to fulfill the global need for napping. What’s next?
Key and Ali: We are working on new concepts and designers bringing additional items to the Napping Revolution portfolio, so don’t fall asleep just yet, we have exciting times ahead!

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow -

© Studio Banana THINGS, Ostrich Pillow –

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