Marco King Chan | King of 3D printed jewelry and founder of Dust Production

Marco King Chan is a young product designer who has developed his brand Dust Production and his manner of creating to embrace all the possibilities offered by 3D printing techniques.

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©Marco King Chan – Could you describe yourself briefly and tell us what is your background?
Marco King Chan: I graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia, majored in Industrial Design, and during my studies, I exchanged In Strate College Designers in Paris, majoring in Mobility Design. It all just seemed reasonable that I started my career as a Product Designer.
I enjoy the process of creation, production, and conceptualization, and I evaluate ideas and turn them into touchable, usable, or even artistic products. Product designers usually define themselves as people who can combine art, science, and technology into new products, but for me, I would like to add one more element – innovation.

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©Dust Production “Blossom ring” – How did the Dust Production adventure start?
Marco King Chan:  The Dust Production adventure began about 2 years ago, when I began putting my concept into work. Before that I was experimenting both the 3D form language and also the technology itself. During the nursery stage of the brand, I have spent half a year to design my logo, my package, and then another half year to think about the business model. The first batch of “sellable” product design itself only took me less than a year.
It was interesting to compare the time spent on developing the brand and company to the time spent on product design. Maybe [the second one was shorter] because product design is what I am relatively better at. And I have realized developing a brand demands a different set of skills. For sure, Dust Production is a platform which I have created for myself to actualize my vision, which is to “combine technology and aesthetics”, and to create products using new technology that has not been applicable to product design / production before in Hong Kong. Can you tell us more about the name of your brand?
Marco King Chan:  As a said, I believe brand is very important to a new developing business. So the name of the brand took me a while to come up with.
• Dust – describes the basic concept of 3D printing. The layers of dust combined together to form the desired shape designed from 3D softwares.
• Production – depicts the actualization of my designs, turning digital designs into tangible products and also refers to the graphic design, package design and experience and so on, it is more than just product design.

©Dust Production “Hexagon Ring” –

©Dust Production “Hexagon Ring” – A lot of your products (if not all of them) are made using 3D printing. What attracts you in this technique?
Marco King Chan:  Limitless – is the first word that popped up on my mind when I first got engaged with the technology. I envision that using the skills I have with 3D modeling, I can create any products / parts of a product desired. Where does your focus on jewelry come from?
Marco King Chan:  I chose the design jewelry as the first step of Dust Production because jewelry is simply fun and challenging to design. 3D printing was initially used in industrial production to make prototypes, and I have used the technology to make wearable products. Since 3D printing technology creates limitless shapes I was able to make rings and pendants that are not feasible in traditional production. That was where the fun came from. Which tags define your style better?
Marco King Chan:  Innovation is what I envision to define Dust Production. I would like to choose carefully what I produce with Dust Production, because I want my products to define the brand, or speak for the brand itself. I hope my designs “surprise” the industry, show how unique, exclusive, they are. On the other hand, I believe “technology x aesthetics” is a very clear style which can be found in my design, a new visual language which could only be produced by 3D printing, a new manufacturing technology. Do you have a star object / realization?
Marco King Chan:  So far, the D.O.H (Digital Organic Heart) is one Dust Production’s star object, as it combines natural organic structures with digital design, and completed with a human touch by planting a heart-shape natural crystal into the heart shape. I am happy with that paradox thinking.

©Dust Production “D.O.H. pendant” –

©Dust Production “D.O.H. pendant” – What are your favorite places to…
Ironically I like to shop in old stores and old regions, which inspire me a lot. Outside Hong Kong I like to visit design districts and of course bring 1 or 2 pieces of nice design home.
I like to have coffee in uniquely styled coffee shops. I guess all designers love the smell of coffee… ( I run on coffee )
I love Vietnamese food. I would go around different Vietnamese restaurants in HK to find out the best “Pho” in town.
Chill out?
Marco King Chan: I like to spend my time catching up good movies and comedies because they relax my mind and I sometimes get inspiration from that relaxed stage of mind. What do you find exciting about being a product designer in Hong Kong?
Marco King Chan:  Being a product designer in Hong Kong is exciting because H.K. is a central hub for Asia where many new ideas and concepts are exchanged and nourished. There are many great designers in HK, and I am excited to exchange ideas or work with them. Any upcoming projects?
Marco King Chan:  Yes many, but please allow me to keep them secret for now. Stay tuned.

©Dust Production "Star" ring -

©Dust Production “Star” ring –

©Dust Production “Blossom ring” –

©Dust Production “Blossom ring” –

©Dust Production “D.O.R. Ring” –

©Dust Production “D.O.R. Ring” –

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