Intricate Handmade Jewelry | Crystal Space by Yolanda Chiu

Look no further than Crystal Space if you want beautiful handmade jewelry. Based in Taiwan, Yolanda Chiu decided to become a metal handmade jewelry artist after having working in the graphic design field for many years. This is how Crystal Space was born. Just as clear as crystal, all Yoland Chiu’s imagination is represented through her jewelry. Yolanda loves animals, peace, diamond shapes, stars, and rock ‘n roll. Find out more in our exclusive interview below.

Intricate Handmade Jewelry | Crystal Space by Yolanda Chiu

© Crystal Space –

Could you describe yourself briefly and tell us what is your background?

Sometimes I am extremely optimistic. Sometimes I am extremely pessimistic. I love animals, chiwawas, diamond shapes, and the 60’s and 70’s. I love retro style. I love music. I am from Taiwan and was a graphic designer who decided to become a metal artist 6 years ago due to my love affair silver jewelry.

How did you arrive in the field of design and creativity?

When I was in university, I studied accounting (which is not unusual in Taiwan because most young people in Taiwan don’t know what they really want to do). I sold clothes with my friends. We wore the clothes and took pictures of ourselves, then scanned the photos (digital camera was not invented yet) then uploaded them to the internet and sold the clothes. I learned what “PHOTOSHOP” is then, and it was the very first moment that I found out I LOVE design. After graduating from the university, I went to New York to get my graphic design master degree.

Intricate Handmade Jewelry | Crystal Space by Yolanda Chiu

© Crystal Space –

Can you tell our readers what stands behind your company brand?

It’s only “ME” behind my brand. I make what I like and what influence me in my life into my works. I think the genesis of my brand is my PASSION for those I love and those I like.

How do you choose the products you want to develop and what is the process?

I don’t really have any plans to choose the products to develop. It always occurs to me in a sudden. Sometimes I saw things I really like and would start thinking if I could make one on my own. It’s more like a intuitive thinking. The ideas just bump out in my head.

I will draw it down. But sometimes I will just start carving the wax mold. Therefore when I make stuff, I am thinking, too.

I love hand-made things because I think that when making those things by hands, I will put special feeling into each thing I make. Therefore, I insist making each product through my own hand.

Right now, my star object would be “Human Free Series”.  I am still developing this series. I love animals very much and each animal has its own genesis.

Intricate Handmade Jewelry | Crystal Space by Yolanda Chiu

© Crystal Space –

What are your favorite places to…

Shop? I really love on-line shopping. I almost buy everything online except foods. Drink? I love to drink at my friend’s coffee shop in Taipei called ASTAR. Eat? I don’t eat meet during weekdays, therefore, I love to eat at a vegetarian restaurant near my workshop. Chill out? I spend most of my rest time in the movie theater. I love watching movies.

Who or what inspires you at the moment?

My idol now is a doll maker whose name is Marina Bychkova. She makes amazing dolls. She also uses wax carving to make doll accessories. That’s what caught my eyes. I am working on a metal doll now and hopefully it will be one of my star objects.

Intricate Handmade Jewelry | Crystal Space by Yolanda Chiu

© Crystal Space –

What’s your motto in life?

Nothing is a big deal except live and death.

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