Jonas Design brings homour, curiosity and functionality to In bed With Designers

We are very pleased to be Jonas Merian of Jonas Design to In bed With Designers Taipei. Jonas was born in Switzerland and is currently living and working on design projects in his studio in Shanghai. He has always liked to work with his hands and started building his own furniture and lamps at a young age. His current work perfectly combines curiosity, humour, and functionality, we chatted to Jonas to find out a little bit more about his design process.

© Jonas Merian- buymedesign

Why are you participating in this event, In bed with Designers? In your eyes, what sets this event apart?

Since about a year I have been thinking about making a trip to Hong Kong in order to find shops that might be interested in selling my products. So far I didn’t find the time to do it and then I learned about In bed with Designers. For me that’s the perfect opportunity to introduce my products to Hong Kong.

What is your point of difference as a designer?

I’m not only a designer, I’m also the producer of my products. I’m working in my studio in Shanghai and each and every product I’m selling is made by myself. I’m mostly working with reclaimed material, all found in Shanghai. This could be old wood from demolished houses, old Chinese biscuit tins, old suitcases, old Chinese TV’s and many more. There are not many designers in China working with reclaimed material.

© Jonas Merian- buymedesign

How has your background as a prosthetist and orthotist influenced your work in furniture and lamp design?

My background as a prosthetist and orthotist is very important. First of all, it’s a craft. I learned to work with my hands and I learned to work with a big variety of different materials. This is very helpful for what I’m doing right now, as I’m working with wood, leather, metal, plastics, glass, silicone, steel, fabrics, old tires and so on.

What is the advantage of working with your hands – of hand-crafting your creations?

I love to work with my hands and to see the final result at the end of the day. It gives me a deep satisfaction and pride when I finished a new piece.

© Jonas Design – buymedesign

Why is humour important in design?

I’m trying to surprise the people with my design and humor is part of the surprise.

Why is functionality important in design?

I’m coming from a field (prosthetics and orthotics) where functionality is most important. I guess because of my background I prefer to make things with a function. I think functionality is what distinguishes design from art but then again, it depends how you define functionality…..

If you want to know more about Jonas Merian and his products, projects, and creations, come down to In bed With Designers at VVG Taipei from 8-12 October 2014.  In bed With Designers is Asia’s first boutique designer sleepover connecting emerging visionary designers with passionate design lovers, media, and industry professionals and buyers in a relaxed and multi-sensory business and networking platform.

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