KAMBODJA is coming to In bed With Designers “O!”


“Quietly exotic, socially responsible”

Linda Quach for KAMBODJA

KAMBODJA is a brand-new socially responsible fashion accessory brand founded by Linda Quach. Deeply influenced by its founder’s French-Khmer heritage, KAMBODJA’s contemporary bags and accessories are defined by a casually sleek, quiet exotic spirit. The brand’s name, ‘KAMBODJA’ is formed out of the combination of ‘KAMpuchea’, ‘camBODge’ and ‘kambuJA’, respectively the Khmer, French and past words for ‘Cambodia’. By purchasing KAMBODJA’s fashion accessories, you contribute to helping people in Cambodia. The brand’s mission is to provide empowerment and fair job opportunities for the disadvantaged communities in Cambodia and Education and skilled employment for young Cambodians trapped in poverty.

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