Programme Very Very Good 2014, Taipei

Across the weekend, artists, craftsmen, brands, manufacturers, importers, designers and stylists working in fashion, textile, home decor, the art of entertaining, culinary arts, gifts and furnishings will take over the various VVG venues creating a wonderland of design just ready for everyone to explore. This is a great chance to seek out and discover new designs and to get really hands on with the creations. Guests will, of course, have the unique opportunity to meet, chat, and even get into bed with designers!

In bed With Designers Very Very Good 2014

VVG’s establishments across Taipei are  playing host to the Taipei design edition of In bed With Designers. Our carefully curated designers will have their creations showcased at the various venues. The designers themselves will be available to meet visitors at VVG Bed & Breakfast.


                            Are you a designer? Register now to exhibit your design products!                                                     Register as a visitor for In bed With Designers event

Gao Youjun, aka Tango, is a popular cartoonist on Weibo, where over 160,000 followers enjoy the cartoons he posts every day. The hobby began as a bet in 2010 when one of Tango’s friends said, “Why don’t you open a Weibo account and draw every day?” He accepted the challenge and began to draw.  Do not miss the live sketching performance by  the famous artist Tango at the event from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday 12th Oct 2014.

Spot Design is going feline with renowned Shanghai artist Tango at In bed with Designers Taipei

Tango is also animating our “SPOT CAT” campaign. Discover Tango’s unique pieces of art across the In bed With Designers locations for your chance to win a limited edition personlised T-shirt by the artist. Spot the cat graphic and your favourite design product by uploading your photos to social media using the tags #spotdesign #ibwd @buymedesign.



buyMeDesign is forming a major part in this year’s packed schedule of events for Taiwan Designer’s week. Our boutique designer sleepover, In bed With Designers, one of the official satellite events taking place at the week.

On the afternoon of 7th October, founder of buyMeDesign, Florence Coirier Giraudon, will be introducing how buyMeDesign uncovers and supports rising talents of design and buyMeDesign’s unique position in the design market. Stay tuned for more details on when and where to hear the buyMeDesign story.


On October 11th from 4pm to 5.30pm as part of the Let’s Talk Design programme, we will present In bed With Designers and introduce some of the partners that have been working with the boutique designer sleepover.

Speakers :

Florence Coirier Giraudon, buyMeDesign CEO and In bed With Designers curator presents In Bed With Designers

Carsten Lima, Area Director of Design Hotels Asia Pacific presents International Trends of Boutique Hotels & Resorts

Manuel Correia da Silva and Clara Brito, Lines Lab founder discuss Design / Re-Design and  the equation of objects

Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park north to making tobacco factory, 2014 Taiwan Designers’ Week Design Plaza

Very Very Good or VVG is an impressive array of Taipei design and lifestyle establishments that aim to promote the practice of good living and to introduce a tasteful warm aesthetic to life.. Over the last fifteen years VVG has gone from a small restaurant to an impressive empire including restaurants, cafes, a bed and breakfast, candy shop, bakeries, bookstores and more.

Zoom in to see the In bed with Designers Taipei road map!


VVG BB+B  好樣公寓 | Good living

In our Bed and Breakfast, we have 3 rooms. There are different styles for each room. Fancia room is in a Shanghai colonial style. The Evonne room is decorated in an elegant French style, and the June room is reminiscent of a London Library style filled with industrial curios.

數身在東區巷弄間的寧靜小巷, 有很方便的交通, 但是最想要讓位客有回到溫暖的萃的成壘, 可以享受時時刻刻的溫馨與適.所以, VVG BB咱不是飯店、不是民宿, 而像每個人的Sweet heart.


VVG Bistro 好樣餐廳 | Restaurant

VVG’s first restaurant in Taipei established way back in 1999. Specializing in homemade and comfort food, it’s a place full of sunshine and relaxation.

好樣餐廳成立於1999 年, 位於巷弄小轉角的驚喜, 綠色植栽環繞戶外白色座椅區, 在這裡Brunch 與陽光相遇. VVG Bistro 提供各種優雅, 撫慰人心的美味食物, 特別是法國革、轟大利草、西班牙革, 室內氧氣克滿簡潔、現代戚、營造f草草一樣舒適溫暖的用餐環境.


VVG Bonbon  好樣摔倒 | Sweets shop

A place inspired by the movie “Marie Antoinette”, full of deserts and sweets in an intimate space.

由於電影“凡爾賽拜金貴, 場景的敢發, 2008 年好樣設計出古典咒浪漫的法式甜點專賣店 VVG BonBon 推開玻璃門, 琳滿目的糖果罐仿佛時室主錯進入童話世界裡. 在明亮輕鬆的氣氛下, 想用繽紛甜蜜的杯于蛋糕, 杯子蛋糕上有裝著特製醬汁的試管, 就像注入魔法一般擠壓λ 蛋糕增添溼潤及迷人風味也提供歐式垂餐吉馬卡陸、波爾多、馬德蓮等這地法式點心.


VVG Chiffon 好樣喜歡 | Sewing House /Bakery Kitchen

One is a sewing shop, one is a Bakery kitchen, named on the old fashion fabric “chiffon” which is soft and gentle. “Chiffon” is also a kind of cake. The sewing house is in a very old style, we collected a lot of old sewing artefacts, we want the beautiful and ancient time back in the people’ s lives. All our restaurants’ baked goods and desserts are homemade. So we opened a beautiful kitchen and let our desert chefs develop their art of bakery.

鮮奶油將華鬆柔軟, 輕盈地拌進了眼睛、嘴裡、肌膚土, 也拌進了柔軟的絲網布料, 擠成一朵朵雪白質地的面料, 麵包的細孔和楠、麻、絲、毛的纖維一起呼吸著, 伴隨織布機格答格箏的聲響. 濃濃的奶油香中流動著優雅古典的風味, 戚風裡有柔韌布料的軟度, 纖物裡有綿密戚風的細妓, 援揉麵圍的手一擇, 寂靜的麵粉優美地飛騰空中, 梭于在手和絨線之間來回穿梭飛翔, 由指尖細流也無邊的布匹, 成覺心跳的顫動, VVG Chiffon好樣喜歡!


VVG Something 好據本事 Bookstore/Café

Our bookstore has been selected as one of the most beautiful bookstores by Because we love books and enjoy reading, at our Bookstore we have selected our favourite books covering topics such as design , art, fashion, photography, food, even Taiwan’ s local literature.

好樣本事成立於2009 年, 在2012 年2 月被紐約娛樂新聞網Flavorwire.com評選為「全球最美的20 草書店之一J .“既實用咒克滿懷舊的優雅, 我們理想之船艙長的就像這樣”
1 3坪不大卻親密的室間, 除了販賣以設計藝衛、生活風格的書籍, 也販賣從世界各國蒐集回來的老件、設計小物、生活雜費, 在本辜的每個小角落, 都可以看到來自世界各國的美好, 而這些美好, 都是可以帶走的. 生下來品嚐咖啡, 翻一本書, 尋j~小草戚, 這就是好樣本事


VVG Table 好樣餐桌 | Restaurant

After 6 years, we decided  to build a new even more sophisticated venue In VVG Table, we provide traditional french food and fine dining.

好樣餐桌成立於2005 年, 店門前高聳的小葉欖仁, 溫柔地將都市的喧囂煩悶轉換成寧靜的時光. 餐點以傳懂歐洲美食為主, 精選的天然會材和長時悶的耐心烹調, 每一道料理都展現出王廚們的創意和巧思. 在-1<桌上的分享及同桌共會尤其趣味, 厚實的木製桌椅、暈貴的燈光, 管造出無壓力的用餐環境.


VVG Thinking 好樣思維

Our restaurant is located in Huashan Creative Park, in a building that is nearly 100 years old. We designed the interior with the concept of “back to the factory”, and built a big pair of mechanical wings based on Leonardo da Vinci’ s sketches. VVG Thinking, on the second floor, has are more then 3000 cookbooks from many different countries . Besides books, we keep many spaces to exhibit the new generation of Taiwan designers’ products and to explore their wonderful works.

成立於2012 年, 11 /1 7在華山紅磚六告院正式閉幕, 重新賦于百年樟腦丸工廠新的樣貌.一樓規劃為餐廳、室內花固與中樂樂展覽室悶. 二樓為好樣本辜的延伸,有設計、藝衛、攝影、會槍、花藝、放遊的書緒、各式生活器具, 服飾, 並有專為個人設計的「獨樂樂J 展覽, 進行一場人與藝術展問最貼近的私密對話. 末班將不定期舉辦王題演說與各式工作坊.


VVG Action 好饋怕那Restaurant/Bookstore

VVG Action is located in B2 of Eslite bookstore which is inside the Song- San Tobacco Factory. Because it’s beside the art theater, we decided to make a restaurant just like a movie scene.

手上緊握著電影票, 將現實隔絕於鏡頭之外, 撥開金貴挾車在的光芒, 玻璃牆面中折射出崔燦的美好年代. 餐車隨著故事輪轉前進, 不停運送著愛的符號.
剪輯一株迷迷香點綴在8釐未片上, 搭配一口黑白起司的對話, 優美的影像伴隨著呢喃的碎語, 如詩歌般的情事一場場的被演釋, 濃烈的情戚, 銘刻在永不磨滅的膠卷上 . 1 . ..VVG Action !!


Tel. (+852) 36185805


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