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We are very pleased to be welcoming Raft Wong and his company Rcube Design Limited to In bed With Designers Taipei next month. Wong will be bringing his practical and playful products to VVG in Taipei for the third edition of our boutique designer sleepover from October 8 – 12. We caught up with the Hong Kong designer to find out more about his design outlook and why he is looking forward to this unique event.

© Raft Wong (RCube) - buymedesign
© Raft Wong (RCube) – buymedesign

Why are you participating in this year’s In Bed with Designers? In your opinion, what sets this event apart?

In Bed with Designers is an interesting and new platform for designers to show their products in a quirky place. It can reveal the energy and innovation that we invest into our company as we are still new and growing.

This event provides us a once in a lifetime experience where we can expose our products in a bedroom! This idea is special and aligns with our ideology: “We are committed to innovation and are inspired by practical solutions and simple product ideas that can enrich a person’s everyday lifestyle.”

What makes your designs different and unique?

Together with our rich experience and in-depth knowledge in consumer product design, we have the expertise to fulfill the needs of consumers. Our products are designed specifically for everyday life and we believe that a good design can enhance the quality of life.

© RCube Design - buymedesign
© RCube Design – buymedesign

What made you focus on engineering in the design of your products?

Our company is working with a manufacturing partner with experienced engineers. So we assess engineering problems closely to meet the design requirement.

Could you explain the importance of ‘practicality’ in the creation of your designs? 

Raft: We always ask ourselves “why do you buy this product?” The answer is “practicality”. We believe that if a product can meet your needs, you will buy it. That’s why our products focus on the needs of the people and of course of the designs too: for example, ‘Pipe’ – the multifunctional clip. We have an umbrella holder, cup holder, mobile holder, rear mirror and a torch. We considered the users’ needs. Different users have different needs, so you can choose which you want among all these practical designs while still looking trendy.

© RCube Design - buymedesign
© RCube Design – buymedesign

What qualities or features are consistent with each of your designs (colour, shape, texture etc.)?

Raft: We do not have any specific colours or materials that we use. We mainly focus on the characteristics and functionality of a product and then apply different materials accordingly.  For example, regarding the pipe series, we choose nylon as it is chemically durable, wrinkle and abrasion resistant. It is very suitable for bike accessories as it can maintain a strong hold in strong wind conditions.

If you want to know more about RCube and their products, projects, and creations, come down to In bed With Designers at VVG Taipei from the 8-12 October.  In bed With Designers is Asia’s first boutique designer sleepover connecting emerging visionary designers with passionate design lovers, media, and industry professionals and buyers in a relaxed and multi-sensory business and networking platform.

In bed with Designers is coming to Taipei! Asia’s first boutique designer sleepover is back; connecting emerging visionary designers with passionate design lovers, media, and industry professionals and buyers in a relaxed and multi-sensory business and networking platform.

4 Days, 7 Locations, 50 designers Register now.

In bed With Designers Taipei October 8 - 12
buyMeDesign will be partnering with VVG to host the second edition of our bespoke designer sleepover, In bed With Designers, as part of Taiwan Designers’ Week. The event will feature:

  • Pop-up designer sleepover from Wednesday 8th until Sunday 12th October. Talented designers from all over the world will come to Taipei and set up a cozy hotel room to showcase and sell their works with the rest of the city.
  • A journey of design discovery through out the weekend and across 7 different locations. Guests can explore innovative designs in hotels, cafes, boutiques, restaurants and libraries. The media, industry professionals, and buyers will attend a range of events and showcases.
  • A unique chance to discover and network with design professionals from across the globe during Taiwan Designers’ Week in Taipei.

Across the weekend, artists, craftsmen, brands, manufacturers, importers, designers and stylists working in fashion, textile, home decor, entertaining, culinary arts, gifts and furnishings will indulge in a weekend of design exploration. This is a great chance to showcase your designs and creations and to get up close and personal with the international design community.

In bed With Designers Taipei October 8 - 12

In bed with designers returns for a weekend of design filled frolics
© Zhang Lei – buymedesign

We will be working closely with Taiwan Designers’ Week to introduce both Taiwanese and international designers and to celebrate Taipei’s blossoming design scene. We are very grateful to VVG for co-hosting In bed With Designers.

In bed With Designers Taipei October 8 - 12
© VVG – buymedesign

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