SPOT Design Award Winners

SPOT Design Award Winners In bed With Designers “O!” Hong Kong 2015

Each and every SPOT Design Award winner is chosen according to the philosophy, innovation, functionality, quality, price range, Eco-friendliness, aesthetics and durability of their designs.

In bed With Designers Spot Design Award

At In bed With Designers “O!” a nifty tech gadget made by Philippines-based brand Loudbasstard, the Hybrid Amplifier, ticked all these boxes. The ingenious design, a wireless speaker and amplifier in one, wowed both our judges and visitors alike. The Hybrid speaker enables you to share your favourite music via both passive (natural) and active (electric) amplification.

Users simply have to align their phone’s speaker on the Hybrid’s blue sensor to make their music sound louder, richer and more enjoyable without the use of electricity, cables, WiFi or Bluetooth. The passive amplification uses the wood’s natural vibrations.

In bed With Designers Spot Design Award 2

Loudbasstard’s co-founder Koh Onozawa received the SPOT Design Award from the hands of the 2015 winner, Zach Zhan. The latter presented Koh with a stunning lighting design from his newly launched ‘Chess Lamp’ collection.

Lil Nika In bed With Designrs Ovolo

Runner-up was Lil Nika, a Hong Kong-based company established by architect-turned-designer and mother of two, Akin. Her ‘Red Safari’ collection, consisting of beautifully designed, zero-waste children’s lighting designs doubling as a fun role-playing toy, stole everyone’s heart. Lil Nika’s designs are simple in form, space-conscious, and seamlessly fit into modern surroundings. All of the company’s designs are constructed to be flexible – taking into account children’s rapid development and incorporating the discovery of learning.

Astro Speaker Tree-Labs In bed With Designers

The third place was reserved for Tree-LabsASTRO speaker, a minimalist audio design made with silicon and aluminium. Tree-Labs’ founder Alexis Corval presented a special edition of the ASTRO speaker that was created in collaboration with renowned Hong Kong tattoo artist collective Tattoo Temple.

SPOT Design Award Winners In bed With Designers Singapore 2015

Alphonso’s ‘Be Dove’ Table Lamp received the coveted Spot Design Award at our 2015 edition of In bed With Designers Singapore. Taiwanese designer Zach Zhan’s porcelain ‘piece representing peace’ is an innovative, endearing lamp you can switch on by petting it.

Award Blog

SPOT Design Award 2015

True to our tradition,  last year’s Spot Design Award winner presented this year’s winner with the Award.  2014′s winner, jewellery designer Malin Ohlsson, saw-pierced a map of Singapore by hand.  Zhan also won a two-night stay at the Old Clare Hotel in Australia, member of Unlisted Collection. The hotel is set to open in July 2015.

BeDove Blog

People’s Choice Award & Top Spotter Award

Apart from the Spot Design Award, buyMeDesign gives out no less than two extra awards: The People’s Choice Award and Top Spotter Award.  During and after In bed With Designers visitors were encouraged to share photos of their favorite designs on social media, using the hash tag #SPOTDesign. The designer with the most social media coverage this year was Hong Kong designer team Sonia Chan and Grace Yue of Duo Dots Design. Duo Dots Design won a two-night stay at the Macalister Mansion.


The visitor who spotted the most designs and shared the best pictures online was Nikko Purnama Lukman. As this year’s Top Spotter, Nikko was presented with an exclusive, limited edition buyMeDesign Ostrich Pillow.



Read the full recap of In bed With Designers Singapore 2015 HERE.


SPOT Design Award Winners French Kiss 2014

It was Swedish jewelry designer Malin Ohlsson’s silver neckpiece that took the prize of Spot Design Award at In bed With Designers French Kiss 2014. Ohlsson’s neckpiece is constructed from 180 separate pieces, each individually cast and polished by hand. The inspiration for the piece came from crocheting created by her grandmother, and each neckpiece takes a total of 20 hours to create by hand.

Spot-Design-Award-2014-at-In-bed-WIth-Designers6 © buymedesign

As winner, Ohlsson was presented with a beautiful Limited Edition Yun Vase by Jovana Bogdanovic from Pinwu. Carsten Lima of Design Hotels presented a two night stay at the STRAF design hotel in Milan, a perfect opportunity for Milan Salone. Florence Coirier, founder of buyMeDesign, awarded a certificate and a year on the buyMeDesign platform offering retail opportunities and media coverage thanks to our design partners, TL mag,IndesignLiveCubes magazineSquare Foot magazinein PublishersCreative Home,Eat Stay Love, and Milk Magazine.

Spot-Design-Award-2014-at-In-bed-WIth-Designers6 © buymedesign fashion-forward-trend-report-for-in-bed-with-designers-malin-ohlsson © Malin Ohlsson- buymedesign

Two more Spot Design Awards were presented after the event. The People’s Choice Award was decided by social media, with the event hashtag #spotdesign. The most popular designer, with many photos, shares, and likes, was Dienastie and their hip eyewear. They too receive a Yun vase.

Spot-Design-Award-2014-at-In-bed-WIth-Designers3 © buymedesign

Visitors to the event were not left out of the chance to win an award with the final trophy going to the Top Spotter. Vincent Law, who runs the blog, was decided as the winner, for his #spotdesign throughout the weekend. We particularly liked this beautiful photo of the special edition Fragmented Chronicles French Kiss ring by Shannnam.



SPOT Design Award Winners 2012

SPOT Design Award 2012 TL Mag publication

Geometric Series by Hugo Yeung

Cubix Light by Catherine Mui, Goodss passion

Bubble cloud by Keo NG, Teaspoon Limited

Can light broom by Siu Tien Sum Samuel, Ho Chun Kin Kenneth, Ling Ching Yin Kat,Alchemist

Pomch by Felix Tai Ka Cheong, Jeffrey Leung ai Wan, SDWorks


SPOT Design Award Winners 2011

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