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The 4th edition of the Spot Design Award took place at the New Majestic Hotel in Singapore 2015. With a whole new panel of judges, exotic location, and contending designers, the Spot Design Award 2015 was the biggest honor so far! Becoming a Spot Design Award winner is a special privilege for emerging designers to gain recognition and respect from top design professionals. Since 2011, the Spot Design Award has been awarded to only the most unique designers with excellent products – it is a prize for exceptional design quality.


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Spot Design Award In bed With Designers Singapore 2015


Award Blog

SPOT Design Award 2015

In bed With Designers played host to buyMeDesign’s Spot Design Award 2015. The Spot Design Award seeks out and celebrates unique, innovative, and compelling pieces of design by rising talents. All of the exhibiting designers were in the running for the coveted prize. Esteemed judges from the design industry picked through the hoard of fashion, furniture, accessories, and lighting design that filled the hotel’s rooms to nominate their favourite pieces.

judges debating

Intense debate over the judges’ nominations led to a decision on four final designs. Josee Chiu and Roy Han of JR Studio Design had a chance of winning with their typically Taiwanese chair, inspired by the chairs you’ll encounter at Taiwanese roadside markets. Founders and designers of HK Soap, Winnie Ngai and Eric Cheung, pitched their creative and eco-friendly soap designs, and Indonesian designer Budiman Ong of Ong Cen Kuang impressed the judges with his ‘perfectly imperfect’ lamp designs.


It was Alphonso’s ‘Be Dove’ Table Lamp that took home the coveted Spot Design Award at In bed With Designers Singapore 2015. Taiwanese designer Zach Zhan’s porcelain ‘piece representing peace’ is an innovative, endearing lamp you can switch on by petting it. The ‘Be Dove’  illuminates your home in a wide variety of vibrant colours.

Award Blog

True to our tradition,  last year’s Spot Design Award winner presented this year’s winner with the Award.  2014′s winner, jewellery designer Malin Ohlsson, saw-pierced a map of Singapore by hand.  Zhan also won a two-night stay at the Old Clare Hotel in Australia, member of Unlisted Collection. The hotel will open in July 2015.

BeDove Blog

People’s Choice Award & Top Spotter Award

Apart from the Spot Design Award, buyMeDesign gives out no less than two extra awards: The People’s Choice Award and Top Spotter Award.  During and after In bed With Designers visitors were encouraged to share photos of their favorite designs on social media, using the hash tag #SPOTDesign. The designer with the most social media coverage this year was Hong Kong designer team Sonia Chan and Grace Yue of Duo Dots Design. Duo Dots Design won a two-night stay at the Macalister Mansion.


The visitor who spotted the most designs and shared the best pictures online was Nikko Purnama Lukman. As this year’s Top Spotter, Nikko was presented with an exclusive, limited edition buyMeDesign Ostrich Pillow.



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