Who’s Coming to bed for In bed With Designers French Kiss 2014?

In bed With Designers sees a collection of carefully curated international emerging and established designers in product design, fashion, furniture, and architecture. Everyone we sleep with is keen to expand their visibility, connect with customers and buyers, and interact and engage with other designers and industry professionals in the fast moving Asian market.

Meet the Designers coming to In bed With Designers French Kiss in 2014

Mathieu Lehanneur IBWD

Eleanna Katsira hand crafted accessories

Chiara Rodriquez for Adele-C

Keren Shiker at In bed With Designers

zhang Lei, Christoph John & Jovana Bogdanovic

Tsai and Fanchiang

Arjun Rathi

Chi Hsiao-En for Studio KDSZ exhibiting @ In bed With Designers 2014

Ben Cheng

Jonas Merian for Jonas Design

Tango Gao

NI Parasol by Excellent Group

Ernest Goh for The Animal Book

Manuel Correia da Silva& Clara Brito for LINES LAB

Caroline Lisfranc

Simon Cheung for QUO+Julie & Jesse for LATITUDE 22N

Jesper Lindquest for Dienastie

Malin Ohlsson for Malin Design

Vincent Bruel for Frenchaholic

Antonio Bernardo, Emanuela Duca & Frikkia for Ame Contemporary

Sylvain Lacroix for DOUBLECROSS

Santina Bonini for Best Italian Interiors

Elsa & Johanna, El Iman for ZOOBEETLE

Laura Cheung for Lala Curio

Chel by Cheline

Adam Bonnier & Ai Su Bonnier for Bonnsu

Katarina Ivarsson & Anna Karlsson for Boris Design Studio

Jasbir Sandhu for J*S Just So

Klevin Wan & Joyce Wong

Gary Hui & Xavier Tsang for BeCandle

Gary Tam, Catherine Mui & Ken Kwok for Goodss Passion

Angel Chow for Angels Design

Nite Lite by Dlite

PolyU students for SDWorks

Riyo Chan for Shannnam

Irena Kilibarda for Dsignedby

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